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What is Fill A Seat that I keep hearing about?

You know when you’re at a show and you look around and there’s a sea of empty seats?  Well, Fill A Seat is a exclusive membership,  Seat Filler service.  We help venues fill their unsold seats with our members who are excited to fill them.

How does it work?

When a venue has a need to boost audience attendance, they come to us with a comp tickets for our members.  We feature the show in our  members’ only reservation system.  Our members click “reserve” and go to the show!

Why would a venue offer comp tickets?

An empty seat provides no value to the venue whatsoever. By filling extra seats, the venue gets the increased concession sales, a great audience, and they get new audience for their venue. Maybe they want to pack the house on opening night to kick things off… or sales are just a little lower than planned.Whatever their reason… We get to create the Win Win situation for our members and the venues.

How often will I get to see a show? Do you have tickets to (insert show name here)?

While we can not name exactly what we will get ( we never know) we can tell you that there will be busier and slower times.  That’s why our membership is for an entire year to allow plenty of opportunity to experience some great events.

So, what events have you offered?

While we would love to tell you the names of the shows or the venues, we cannot. We have "privacy" agreements with current and past shows. These deals state that we receive free tickets from them and in return we do not publicly advertise what shows we have, nor disclose to non-members.

We can say that we average over 250 different shows/events every 12 months. We are a true "seat filler" website and get most of our tickets with little notice usually a week or 2, however sometimes even less.

Can you tell me what types of events you have?

We’ve featured just about everything on our seat filler sites to date:  comedy, theatre, sports, lectures, music of all genres, conferences, expos, dance, speaker series, family events, and others that may not have a category.

OK, what's the catch?

Members must abide by our membership rules.  We are serious about them as they are the keys to the success of our program.

I am a member and forgot my password. What now?

Go to and on the right side of the main page you will see TROUBLE SIGNING IN (or Click Here). Click on that. Type in your email address and click recover. That will send you a link to your email. Once you get that link, click on that and you can then reset (recover) your password.

Do I have to attend a show I reserved tickets to attend?

Yes, as part of the membership rules, a member must attend the show. We ask members to help us keep our relationships with these venues. If members reserve and do not show the venue may stop giving us tickets to future shows and events. Help us to not let one rotten apple spoil it for the bunch.

Can a member attend a show/event multiple times?

Every show/event will be offered on a first come, first serve basis. Per the membership rules, each show and event will have individual rules. Some more popular shows/events you may only be allowed to attend once, others you may be able to attend several times. Our system tracks which events you reserve tickets for.

How many names can I have on my account?

Whether you purchase a 2 or 4 ticket membership, only 1 name may be on each account. We have an exception for married couples with the same last name in the same household. The person on the account is the ONLY one that may reserve and pick up tickets. Plus that person MUST attend the show/event they select.

Can I upgrade my membership?

YES, A member may upgrade their membership package at any time during their membership period. To upgrade, the member just pays the difference in cost between the original package and the upgraded package. The expiration date for the upgraded membership will be based on the original package, not the date of the upgrade.

How do I cancel my reservation?

It is important that members DO NOT reserve a show/event they cannot attend. If you reserve a show/event and cannot attend, you must email us through the CONTACT page with the show/event date and your full name. We require 24 hours notice so that other members will have a chance to select those tickets. We only make cancellations as a courtesy and there is NO guarantee that we will be able to cancel reservations for you in the future. We do have a 2 strike policy. It is VERY important that members check their schedule before booking tickets. Cancellations take time away for our staff working on getting new shows and venues. Reserving and canceling your reservation on a regular basis will result in your account being cancelled without refund.

Do I need the email confirmation to pick up tickets?

NO you do not. All you need is your ID to pick up the tickets at Will Call.

Is my membership in this city good in other "FillASeat" Cities?

No. Your membership is ONLY good in the city that you purchased.

I have gone through the entire list of FAQ's and still need something answered, now what?

Email our Customer Service Team and we are happy to answer your questions. We do not reply to emails on Sunday.