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Why would shows/events give away tickets?

There are several reasons why vendors and businesses use We are a membership website, thus the privacy factor. A new show may be trying to get a running start or an established show may want to fill seats on certain days that are not fully sold out. Some venues desire more revenue from drink sales, restaurant dining and/or money spent in the casino before and after the show. Whatever their reason, is a great way to get those tickets to you. Being on our website means that someone paid to receive these tickets/ deals as a member. Also, this is a great way to get extra exposure and new patrons into their establishment. 

Why can't I get a list of shows/events available prior to joining?

We are very appreciative for all of our shows/events that give us tickets/deals to use. These shows/events do not want to advertise that they have these tickets and discounts available. For that reason, only paying members will be able to see what offers (current and past) we have.

I am a member, but I forgot my password. What now?

Go to and on the right side of the main page you will see TROUBLE SIGNING IN (or Click Here). Click on that. Type in your email address and click recover. That will send you a link to your email. Once you get that link, click on that and you can then reset (recover) your password.

I am a member, but I can’t login or find the login area?

There is a good chance that you are still logged in. If that is the case, then you will see something on the left-hand menu stating MEMBER AREA. Click on that button, and you will be taken to the member area. If that is not the case, close your browser and log back into On the main page, towards the right side, you will see LOGIN AREA where you put in your email and password. The login area may be hidden if you have a smaller resolution, make sure to scroll to the right if you do not see the LOGIN AREA. If it is still not working, there is a chance that you put in your email incorrectly when signing up, or you forgot your password. To recover your password, or verify that you are using the correct email address, go to the Password Recovery Area. It will ask for your email address. Put it in and then click RECOVER. It will send you a link to reset your password. IF YOU GET THE FOLLOWING "Unable to find the email address", then you know that you put in the wrong email when you signed up and at that point email us directly. If neither of these works, let us know. Keep in mind, always LOGOUT when you are done looking at the site.

Does guarantee the number of offers available?

We do not guarantee that a member will secure tickets to any particular show. Although will be pursuing all the big shows and events, as well as some of the smaller shows around town, we do not guarantee that tickets will be available for a member's desired date/time or that a member will succeed in reserving the available tickets. Ticket reservation for available shows is on a first come, first serve basis. Members are welcome to inquire about particular shows/events and we will be happy to inform you of current or future availability, but there is no guarantee.

Once I join, will I be able to see current and previous shows/events listed?

Once a member of, you will have access to both the daily page (which lists current shows available) and the list of shows/events that we have offered in the past. Shows and events are listed on a daily basis and available for reservation on a first come, first serve basis. Members may reserve tickets for the current day between the hours of 10am - 4pm. Information on past and current ticket availability is offered 24/7. Keep in mind we are adding Tickets and Deals on a regular basis so check back often.

Do I have to attend a show I select?

Yes, as part of the membership rules, a member must attend the show. The member is NOT allowed to give ALL of the tickets to any show away to others. If it is determined that a member has given their tickets away or has been a NO-SHOW to an event, they will be issued a warning. A second occurrence will result in cancelation of membership without refund. Understanding that unexpected events do occur ( car trouble, medical emergency, etc.) a member is able to appeal the warning.

Can I attend a show/event multiple times?

Every show/event will be offered on a first come, first serve basis. Per the membership rules, each show and event will have individual rules. Some more popular shows/events you may only be allowed to attend once, others you may be able to attend several times. Our system tracks which events you reserve tickets for.

How many names can I have on 1 account?

Whether you purchase a 2 or 4 ticket membership, only 1 name may be on each account. We have an exception for married couples with the same last name in the same household. The person on the account is the ONLY one that may reserve and pick up tickets. Plus that person MUST attend the show/event they select.

How do I receive a ticket/deal?

Once you have joined, selecting and reserving a seat is very easy. Simply go to In the upper right corner you will see MEMBER LOG IN. Put in your email address (that you signed up with) and your password. Then click Log In. You will then see a list of events by date or you can view by show listings. You can click on any of them to see what the show is about. Once you find the show and date that you want, click on that. Scroll to the bottom and you will see “Number of Tickets”. Select the number of tickets that you want and click Confirm. Finally, you will have 2 minutes to click RESERVE. Click that when you are 100% sure you are going to attend that event. You will then be all set and should receive an email confirmation of that event and date. For Deals you will receive an email with your deal confirmation please print this and take it with you to the show/event. 

Do I have to be the one to use the ticket/deal?

Yes. Because we guarantee to the show/event that their offers are being distributed to locals only, the member must be the one to use the tickets/deals. A member may be asked to show an approved ID to see that it matches the name on the ticket/deal.

What is the value of the ticket/deal?

Although the offers will vary in price; they are considered complimentary ($0.00 value). Thus, if you are issued a 2 for 1, the cost of the 2nd meal is looked upon as free. Members must not sell or distribute these coupons. If it is determined that a member has distributed them, for pay or for free, their membership will be cancelled immediately without refund. 

Can I use a ticket/deal multiple times at the same venue?

Each ticket/deal (offer) will have it's own restrictions. Some may say unlimited use, others may specify 1 time only (new customers only). Any time you sign up for a ticket/deal, the system remembers that you have a ticket/deal for that show/event and may not allow you to select the same show/event. However some venues will want to offer our members the opportunity to attend more then 1 time. Each ticket/deal (offer) will have it's own restrictions. Some may say unlimited use, others may specify 1 time only. 

Are memberships ever prorated, or is it 365 day membership?

Memberships are 1 year long (365 days) from date of purchase. If a member signs up on November 15, 2011, his/her membership will be valid through November 14, 2012. Members will receive a complimentary notice prior to membership expiration with renewal information.

Can I upgrade my membership?

YES, A member may upgrade their membership package at any time during their membership period. To upgrade, the member just pays the difference in cost between the original package and the upgraded package. The expiration date for the upgraded membership will be based on the original package, not the date of the upgrade. Downgrades of membership are not permitted at any time. 

Will I get a bunch of emails from this site?

No. Members will receive emails from confirming their membership, confirming ticket/deals, or notifying them of membership expiration. Occasionally, will notify members of special offers that have become available, but for the most part, members are encouraged to log on daily to see what is being offered.

How do I cancel my reservation to a show or event?

It is important that members DO NOT reserve a show/event they cannot attend. If you reserve a show/event and cannot attend, you must email us through the CONTACT page with the show/event date and your full name. If this is an advanced show/event, we require 24 hours notice so that other members will have a chance to select those tickets. IF it is the day of the show/event and you cannot attend, email us through our CONTACT page immediately once you know. Emailing us AFTER the show/event will constitute a "NO SHOW" and you will be issued a warning. Reserving and canceling your reservation on a regular basis will result in your account being cancelled without refund.

Do I need the email confirmation once I select a ticket/deal?

No you do not, All you need is your ID to pick up the tickets at Will Call. For other offers the email you receive will be confirmation that you need to give the venue/business that you selected for the deal. You may also need to show your approved ID or Local Military ID. If you select a show/event and do not receive the email confirmation, please check your account to make sure that it is listed as reserved for you. If so, then you need to make sure that emails from our website are being allowed through and not put in your spam folder.

I have gone through this entire list of Frequently Asked Questions and still need something answered, now what?

If you have gone through all of our Membership Rules and FAQ’s and still cannot find an answer you need, please feel free to go to the CONTACT PAGE and email us. Our Customer Service Center is open 9am – 5pm, Daily. If we receive your email during that time, we will get back to you in a timely fashion.